Monday, January 12, 2009

Event Registration Form

Registration Forms are being used more and more...
If you want to invite people to an event you organize, you don't need to phone them or mail them, you just publish an event registration form in your site.

You don't need any programming skills to create the event registration form and publish it into your own the following ones...

All of these Event Registration Forms are templates you may use them, modify them and publish them in no time at all. Registrate to formlogix, and start using the WYSIWYG formlogix designer.

How can I use these templates to publish my own event registration form?

Registrate to formlogix
Go to the Data Center window and click on the link "Create a Form Based on a Template"
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You will be redirected to the search template window, press "View" to see in the right window the form selected, and press load in order to load it in the designer.

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In the designer, first you will need to change the form name (By default is "new form"), then modify the event registration form as needed, and then save it!. after saving it , the event registration form is completely yours and will be shown in the "Data Center" window together with all of your web forms. Finally, press the publish button and copy the code line (IFRAME or SCRIPT method) into your web site!

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That's all folks! you own an event registration form createded with the top of the line ASP.NET and AJAX technologies, with no even program a single line of code!

Thank you for reading: "Event Registration Form"

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