Saturday, January 3, 2009

Create and Place a Contact Form in your site

If you were thinking of placing a nice contact form in your own site, you'll like this post, if you though of making it in no time, you will love it!
Here, three simple steps to got the job done:
1. Registrate to FormLogix, 2. Choose the Web Contact Form you most like it, 3. Publish it in your own site!
The 1 and 3 steps I've already explained in detail in my previous post: How to create an order form. So I will explain here, the step 2, how to choose it...sounds simple? well... it is!

Name: "Contact BlogSpot"

Name: "Rounded Contact BlogSpot"

Login to FormLogix, go tothe data center where you will be able to see all your web forms. In order to copy one of these contact forms just , click on the "Create Form Based on a Shared Form" and search the choosed contact form by its name. The Contact Form will be opened in the designer, change the name (By default will be "new form") and save it! That's it, the form is yours.

after placing the contact formin your site, you will start receiving email alerts for every contact filling your form.

Thank you for reading the post "Create and Place a Contact Form in your site".

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